Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012 1:17 PM
Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Upper Ionosphere changes HF into ULF":

It says heads of government agencies are required to cooperate with the director of this program. Yet who is doing studies on the SAFETY of all of the various activities associated with this program? How are these activities affecting the natural rhythm of the Earth, its natural magnetic field, its atmosphere, ionosphere, our environment? What are the effects on living things, on animals, plants, and we human beings??? Usually governments and companies wanting to engage in activities with potentially deleterious effects on the environment are required to do environmental impact studies before being given the "ok" to embark on such ventures. Who is minding the store??? It would be highly irresponsible and misguided at best to mindlessly continue to
engage in these activities without first understanding their potential harmful impact on our world. Those in charge need to take a moment to reflect on how their efforts may be harming our planet and living things, including us humans. Is this the legacy they wish to leave our world? Is technology to be placed above humankind? And consider this: Just because man has figured out how to mess with our weather, atmosphere, ionosphere and this beautiful planet's magnetic field does NOT mean that he SHOULD be allowed to. NO man should be given that much power over the planet and its citizens. I never gave anyone permission to mess with the weather over my head or the air I and my children breathe, did you? Who gave these egotists the right to play God? Where are our representatives in Congress? What do they have to say about all of this? Why are not more people involved coming forward to shine a light on this issue? Do they not have a conscience? Do they not breathe the same air and live on this planet too? Do they not have families they care about too?

For God's sake, and for humanity's sake, someone with guts and a conscience needs to speak up and launch a full investigation into this. No more secrets that could risk seriously or even irreversibly harming life on this planet. We the people have a right to know the truth. Time to wake up and start demanding it.