Saturday, April 9, 2011

Engineer Weather In A Nutshell

Engineered Weather in a Nutshell

C. Is that a blue haarp ring over Kansas?

B. Yes it sure is, so is California, N.M. and Utah. Note the difference compared to New England.

It is now 7:05 PM. The N/W quadrant of the HAARP ring in your posting earlier has now broke out into tornadoes and flat line winds with danger warnings posted.

So you may see the ring implication at work , I made the following for you:

C. wow... thanks! So please explain what these little green/blue dots are. Radar towers/stations? The looked measles or chicenkpox! Yet in some areas there are none. The southeast has them all the time is seems, almost equally spaced apart. What does haarp do? what is the connection to the dots?

B. The measles pockets are EMP initiators were energized in and on chem clouds of trails setting up the barium/aluminum fragments and nano dust. This makes the energized portion of the clouds relative with the HAARP and other selected RF signals. Therefore creating a control of that cloud system. Different combinations of signals do different things to different portions of the cloud mass. Result is the temperature changes and the end results become visible as weather fronts and terrible storms. Hence ...engineered weather.




  1. Comment from Munchieussen Mike from Vandenburg AFB:

    Whoa, whoa, Billy, read your blog.....Of course you worked at HAARP and Area 51 (they all do!); we're just a bunch of dumb old scientists who jus wasted our time getting PhD's n' stuff just to help the illuminati????? Huh, wha?????? All systems 'rotate''s called convection and (if you beleive the earth isn't flat and rotates) the Coriolis effect governs movement on land, in the seas, and, in the air.....the 'measles' (at least all the launch pad boys are having a good knee-slappin gut laugh)want you to look at Cathy's own modis-maps to see significant condensation nuclei being carried from Mexican fires (recored size and season) thru the low- pressure systems...add that to increased jet stream (that maybe our weather-mod ops have had an effect on!) and you get blow-ups of cumulo-nimbus (those cylindrical shaped measely thangs). In southern California firestorms, in the middle of parched summers, occassionally an ice-capping cloud (bout 14-18000') will produce rain, wind, hail, and more lightning!!!!!! Nature is grand, yet no one-world order claptrap paranoia!

  2. Well Mike,
    Looks like another example of wasting the taxpayers money, a whole bunch of PhD's to drive a bus or push a mop, while doing a Hillbillie knee-slappin whoa-down. Where do you find area 51 on my blog? Now back to the weather, hmm. smoke in Mexico, thought that was classified info., how about smoke from wildfires in Texas? I will not be the first nor the last to say that there is a natural process of the weather, what I am here to make point is that there are people of your caliper toying with modifications of the natural event of weather. As with the Atomic Bomb, it will be said "They Knew What they Had Done!" Mike, I am not, ÄM NOT", pointing at you, but of those of your like caliper and education. You know, the ones who only care to have their name on some theory published in the name of scientific discovery. Yes, I was a peon contractor to install, modify, construct, maintain, cal. and tune the HAARP antennae and the C6 site at Eglin. As a fact, you can see some of my works right there at Vandenburg as P&R towers/SAC ( "have dsh, we fsh"). May I suggest you Dial this all written history of weather to that of the last three years recorded, record highs/lows, rainfall max/min, record snowfalls, tsunamies and quakes. Then tell me someone hasn't been messing with mother nature. I you are the person I think you to be, contact me via email for a cheap experiment that even you can perform and get the same results (preferably better) through the use of a good frequency spectrum analyzer and a few radio shack parts:

    mntxps_mntxps at yahoo or even hot mail

    Billy Hayes
    tower erector extroardinaire

  3. Comment from Grim Reaper:

    You erased them again.................I was humoring Billy jo and the deliverance crowd, and you don't have the common 7th grade intellect to get it! Will visit soon!

  4. Well Grim Reaper,
    According to your sense of humor here published, I can only make take that you received your education by watching the movie "Deliverance" over and over more than 10 times. My apology...under ten times ( I realize you have a problem of counting past ten on your fingers). I will advise you now that your attempt at jest is not only taken as an insult but as a threat of harm. Be it known now that I always stand ready and on guard.

    Semper Fidelis

    billy hayes

  5. Hello Mike,
    Since you let the Cat out of the Bag, tell us about that B747-100 doing fly bys at it to be labeled KC747-100 or Wc747-100 or RC747-100? When are they going to send it down to south Mexico, Honduras and Belieze to deal with the pot fires down there?