Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Characteristics of Chem Cloud at Sunset

eslperry left a the following comment on post "HAARP /Electromagnetic Pulse
generators/Chem cloud...":

Someone sent me the following question dated 16 May 2011 - Can you answer it please?
'Please explain what the glowing clouds are!? I was landing in NYC at midnight.... and the clouds were SO BEAUTIFUL. blue & red. Everyone on the plane was talking about it. The odd part is, we circled nyc 3 times with no explanation.'

#1 displays characteristics of chem cloud at sunset in a neutral state.

#2 displays characteristics of the prismatic effect of a chem cloud at sunset in an excited state.

#3 displays the prismatic effect of chem cloud with refraction off the water at sunset in a neutral state.

#4 displays chem cloud and chem trail prismatic effect with water refraction at sunset in an excited state.

#5 prismatic effect of chem cloud and chem trail, no refraction, in a neutral state, at sunset in Florida.

Per chance one of the above pics may endow a solution to a very vague question.

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  1. Eslperry,
    I still stand in question to hear what ATC reason to circle about NYC 3 times in holding traffic....or were they asleep again. There have been episode in similar in Kansas at late night after crop duster left air levels saturated with chemicals intermixing with whem clouds picking up static and discharging, giving off neon like purplish glows with red and blue outlines for several hrs., similar to the principle of a fluorescent light (a Tesla invention).