Friday, March 18, 2011

Radiation to enter US conus today

Radiation  particles are slated to make entry into the US Conus weather fronts and formations on the west coast and Alaska today.  US government authorities have made advisories that  there will not  be dangerous levels of radiation per say.   Yet no mention has been made that these low levels are additive as  they collect in pools  day after days.     Warnings  should now be advised that those who change out  things like air exchange filtration systems  should take care and wear  Hazmat suites and protection.   Areas where weather moisture condensates without force ( fog enhanced areas)  should be monitored for rising radioactive levels.  Snowfall  that falls in the oncoming weeks should also be monitored as snowflakes make easy attachment to radioactive particles.   President Obama"s statement of  dangerous level of radioactivity reaching the US territories should also  be readvised.   Day by day this type of radioactive material adds up and does not dissapate, it adds in quanity and multiplies in strength

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