Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Today's Emails from Billy

Tuesday, March 15, 2011 5:06 PM

At 9:15 am Japan Locale Time, Fires broke at at the Asahi Nuclear Power Plant. As in the other plant, lack of water coolant is creating another possible instance of man made devastation. US military was requested to deliver water buckets to the site, authorities have since changed their plan of attack to possibly deliver water by ladder fire trucks and hose. At this time containment of gases seem to be intack at this site, but should the fire continue things could change very quickly.



Tuesday, March 15, 2011 3:49 PM

Airmen returning from flight in devastated area are having to be washed and showered down down after each sortie due to contamination. USS George Washington is now off the coast of Yokuska Naval Station (sp) with similar situations. Extra body bags have arrivde for recovery of bodies due to the Tsunami destruction compliments of the US Homeland Security. Scuttlebutt is that the USS Reagan is to take shelter on the west side of Japan and fly sorties in from the west in order to avoid flying through clouds of radioactive contaminants.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011 3:35 PM

I am home at LaCrosse tonight with a monitor. Still trying to put the past four days back together and still have motion and movement problems. I am also still having light seizures and tremors. This episode was so much worse than when Chile and/or New Zealand got hit. I also had an episode near a week ago the morning before the fish piled up in San Diego. I do also have the reality of what happens to me is associated with birds, bats and bees losing their sense of direction and navigation....same with whales, sharks, seals, sealions, platypusses etc.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011 12:14 PM

Shortage of:



Potassium Iodide: The preference is 50 mg. doses, so two each of the following would provide 64 mg. dose

Another source:
I think you can find a liquid colodial iodine to do the same thing.

A product called NukeProtec from the Oil of Oregano people will do the same



Tuesday, March 15, 2011 12:11 PM

Effort are now underway to move the USS George Washington to safer waters. At
its present station it is taking on relatively high counts of radiation and
climbing while in its mission. Plans are to find a safer anchorage further
south and closer to shore. This movement should put it in sight of the USS

Extra body bags are now showing up from the US courtesy of Homeland Security. Shipment received 10,000 count of body bags.

20 water bag slings for 2,550 gal water delivery systems (for helicopter
firefighting equipment) are en route to Misowa AB.


Tuesday, March 15, 2011 10:20 AM

Friend with U.S. Forestry Dept has advised me that three Jet aircraft under their Dept have been routed to assist with flyovers at the Nuke plant in Japan. Each is capable of dumping up to 20,000 gallons of water and fire retardant per sortie. ETA at Yakota AB near noon JLT (Japan Local Time).


Tuesday, March 15, 2011 10:08 AM

I think that several days ago I made mention the same as Judy, there is a sequence that will follow the ring of fire. As the Pacific plate moves there is a reaction to follow later in other portions of the plate. I too believe that Alaska may be the next on the plate agenda.

I also made mention of potassium iodized med shortage during the week prior. I have reason to make mention of this to you again. As it stands now, the jet stream does not penetrate too much further south than the mid US. As this month advances the Jet Stream Loop penetrates even further south picking up condensation of the Gulf of Mexico. This could make the Gulf coast an area of deposit of cooled particles from Japan...hence, radiated rain on the Florida Gulf Coast. Although this is a "maybe", it seems that God has provided me with many, many , many maybe's that seem to turn to "yup, there it is". Once again I must point out that there is still something else happening out in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico that has been seismic near the area of the BP spill.. I wish I could talk to Judy myself in ref. to what I know of 911 TWC since I have witnessed prior testings of the MOAB at Eglin AFB and have preformed maintenance on the antennae at TWC.... and my cousin (now missing) was a pilot of the other helo that was taking video of the #2 tower prior to the collapse...(that video has since disappeared from the internet somehow).


Tuesday, March 15, 2011 8:37 AM

In the following video the first ten second show a large building swaying with the earthquake. It takes exactly 1.6 seconds for the building to sway all the way from one side to the other. This is 1.6 hertz per second, same as the base frequency of the LF frequeny of HAARP:



Tuesday, March 15, 2011 7:51 AM

This is one of the best and simplest explanation of HAARP and Chemtrails working together:



Tuesday, March 15, 2011 7:40 AM

Since, I do believe that HAARP is used to co-inside and combine with tides, gravitational attractions, abnormal weather complexes and atmospheric phenomenons.....I would tend to think Dorothy has a good ingredient to add to the mix. You know, I takes more than flour to make a cake?

Subject: Billy, What do you make of this?

Perhaps the comet and or the solar flare have been used in the fashion that hurricane Erin was used on 9/11



Tuesday, March 15, 2011 7:24 AM

Thank you Cathy,

It makes me feel so much better to know that you know and care. Yes, I have been here ever since the first of the quake hit in Japan. I do have children nearby, but it is so hard on them to watch me go through these days. [snip] The seizures have been so acute this time that they have to watch my heart as it is such a strain on it.

I have spent most of the night passing message and names from those in Japan to families here in the states, letting families over here know that they are safe in Japan and where they will be. Wives and families of military soldiers stationed in Japan at Yokuska, Yamato, Yakota, Yokohama and Osowa (sp) bases have been gathering names of survivors, missing and dead from along the coast of Japan to make up flash drives to be take back into the schools, hospitals and public buildings being uses as shelters in and near the areas of devastation. The problem has been of no communications in and out of the area hit, let alone from each nearby town of devastation to each other. As each helo from the bases brings in supplies and people to help the areas the crew pick up list of those searching and in search of survivors and known dead in that area and return that list back to the families on base to make up combined list in a order and try to get updated of those who have found each other so far. My understanding is that they have 340,000 plus names so far and have sent back into to the areas on some 100 flash drives with 8 updates so far.

If the situation of the reactor is not under control in the next 12hrs. the reactors (now all four) will go volatile and absolute critical (China Syndrome Melt down). There are 50 persons of the original 500 workers left in and at the general plant. My friend [snip] is married to one of those still in the plant, was able to talk to her husband (in the plant) Sunday morn and told her goodbye and that they were not going to be able to come out. No more can be said she says.

Cathy, I am really having a hard time dealing with all that has happened over the last four days. I seem so lost of what to do or how to help, all I tend to do these hours is cry and pray


You are in the hospital again or have you been in there all along? I am so sorry, Billy. When did you go in? Do you have family nearby to help you? How long will you be in there? Is this from the seizures?
And I hope your nephew and all his crew are safe. Praying for you both...

Monday, March 14, 2011, 3:28 PM

This morning I passed on to you info of the Reagan. Nearly 8 hrs later, this:



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